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Thursday, November 20, 2008

OB appt 11/17/08

It is hard to see, I know, but this is a graph/chart of how big Teagan is compared to other babies at my gestation. You can see there is a blue dot in between 90% and 50%, that is where Teagan is. He is in the 75th percentile, which means that only 25% of babies are bigger at this stage, so he is pretty big! The doctor estimated, when he did the ultrasound, that he weighs 4lbs 7oz already!

Here is the confirmation that we are still having a BOY! So what are you looking at....? You are looking up at "him" as if he were sitting on a glass table and you were below the table looking up and Teagan was sitting with his legs apart. Catch my drift? What you can see is his thigh, scrotum, and penis in the middle.

This round object is his head! We couldn't see his face because he is already head down in position. But the doctor measured his head, and said it was normal. So that is good.

Here is a belly shot! 11/18/08
You can see just a little bit of the new changing table in the background that James put together, with a teddy bear strapped down.

Again another crotch shot!
So this was a pretty fun visit! We arrived at the appt, and I of course was dreading getting on that damn scale, for what it gave me as a result last time was not so glorious (you may remember my 11lbs gain and the mean nurse), okay, moving on.. So as they called me back I am happy to see that the regular (nice) nurse is back! I told her what happen last time and she apologized and said that the other nurse was filling in for her. So I take a deep breath and get on the scale, drum role please.......3lbs! Yes, that's right! I only gained 3 lbs since my last visit, which was 4-5wks ago!!!!!Yeah! I am so excited for it! So total so far I've gained 29lbs.
Last appt, we had asked the doctor if we get to have any more ultrasounds, and he said generally no, that they don't do anymore after 20wks to determine the sex. But since we have a wonderful doctor who likes looking at babies he said that next time (this visit) if we wanted to we could take another look, a little sneak peak! So we were very excited to have this. My girlfriend was teasing me that, what if this time when we looked, "he" was really a "she". Oh Great, I was thinking....all this boy stuff! Any way I am happy to report that as you can see above in the photos we are still having a boy! So much so that when the doctor put the ultrasound up to my belly, the first thing he said was,"Oh look defiantly a boy!" "There is is scrotum, and his 'other' part, and Oh look, he's peeing! Do you see the bubbles!?" Oh yes indeed, this is our son! It was very funny, we were all laughing! So he is head down, his spine/back is closer to my left side and his butt which loves to push up under my ribs is on the right side, along with his hands and feet are on my right side. We listened to his heart beat, beating at 149bpm, which is just beautiful! In all we had a great appt, and I go back in 2 weeks now, I'll be 35wks pregnant, then once I hit 37wks, I'll go every week.

James and Laurel

I just love this picture of James and me.
This was taken at Starbucks in Los Altos, Ca. Oh how we love our Grande, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Chai lattes! I prefer extra foam on mine! Yum!
You can see how big I am getting. This was taken on Tuesday, Nov. 11th. I was 31wks!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny Grammy

Here is James with his "Funny Grammy" (Marie). She misses seeing us now that we have moved up here to Oregon. She was unable to attend the baby shower, but we made a special trip to go and see her. She was very surprised to see us, but loved it!
Here I am with "Funny Grammy." She loved to see my tummy, she thinks it is so great! We had a nice time visiting with her.


Here is the loot!These are two stocking caps that Jill knitted for us, well for Teagan rather. We'll use them since he'll be born in the winter, and up here in the northwest, it can stay cold for quite some time! Thanks Jill!
Soft green fuzzy blanket, with a matching coat that have eyes on the hood with matching froggie booties! So cute and sooo soft!

Jill bought us this big Pooh Bear. His ears make a funny sound when you move them around, and he is so soft!

The Scott family bought us this bath robe with matching wash cloths, and towel. I think the robe is so cute, everyone at the party was saying it could be Teagan's smoking jacket. (don't even think about smoking Teagan!) Or they said he'll be the next Hue Hefner.

James and I with a basket full of goodies!

James is very excited to have his "Man Bag!" We each are going to have a bag.

This is a Beanie that Shelagh bought for Teagan, this is so her too! It is funny.

Yes, my husband is such a goof with his faces. Grandma Kathleen bought us our changing table and this the changing pad that goes with it. I will be putting up pictures of the changing table soon, James just put it together tonight.

This is a tray full of goodies that was part of a game that we played. Jill walked around with the tray and once she left the room everyone had to try and remember what was on it.
A big Thank You goes out to all that attended our shower. You made it very special for us. We look forward to seeing you soon and are able to meet Teagan when he arrives. We are planning on coming back down there (California) in Feb-March sometime.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guy Games!

Here is my husband, father of my child, wiping the mysterious baby food out of his nose. He really was into the game and got a little too into it, if you catch my drift. Nice one babe!
James makes the funniest faces, with Geert in the background trying to help.

Take a good wiff, babe.

Here is James' Uncle Steve, Brandon, my cousin Nathan, and Tim all anticipating their turn to smell/taste the mysterious baby food out of the diaper.

This is James' best friend Phil. He is very much into deep thought on what this is. Looks yummy huh!
The object of this games was that we had 8 diapers that had baby food in them, to look like a messy diaper.The first couple of the diapers, they guys could not look, but then the last few they could. They could taste, smell, and touch! This was a game totally for guys, right up their alley. It was pretty funny to watch them make faces. I swear they thought we were going to have real poop in them by their expressions!

Friends & Family

Here is my Aunt Jackie, my Grandma, me, my Aunt Kathy who flew in from Carson City, Nevada to celebrate with us, and my Aunt Mary. My family is very excited that Obama/ Biden won, they are very into politics. So they insisted we take a picture with the sign.
Anyhow, it was very special that they were all there, especially since my mom couldn't come down from Oregon to be there. But she'll be at the Oregon Baby Shower!
This is James' best friend, Jamie. James and I both just love her! She is a lot like me, but I am a bit more feisty, if you know what I mean. hehe.

This is my friend Marilia, from work. Again, her and I are a lot alike, both very feisty!

Here is my cousin Shakira's boyfriend, Brandon, Shakira, my Aunt Jackie, and my Aunt Mary deep in thought, trying desperately trying to win a game!

Aahhh, the Great-Grandma's to-be are working together on one of the games.

This are great friends of ours. Anne Marie and Geert, their son was a very special patient of mine who had cancer, and passed away at the young age of 17, on Aug.3, 2005. J.W. was the greatest boy I've met, so courageous and funny! He was always thinking of others and wanted to help out the community. Please check out his website for more information.

Great-Grandma's & Grandma

Here I am with my grandma, I am the first grandchild to have a baby. My grandma has said to me for the longest time that she wanted a great grandchild by the time she is 80! Well she turned 80, Dec. 6th, 2007, so I said to her "will 81 do?" She is very excited to be a Great-Grandma!
Here is James with his Grandma, Kathleen. Again, he is the first grand child to be having a baby, so Grandma Kathleen is very excited as well!

Here we all are together, I think this photo will be a very special one to have! James and I with our Grandmas.

Grandma Kathleen, James and I.

This is James, Shelagh, and me. Shelagh is James' biological mom, and is a part of our lives. We are happy to have her in it, and she too is excited to be a Grandma. I think she is a great looking Grandma, don't ya think!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

California Baby Shower

So here I am, 31wks. We had the baby shower down at my Grandma's house in Los Altos, Ca. on Sunday November, 9th.
I know a nice cheesy smile, but it was bright out.

These were so neat! They are booties, but not just any booties, chocolate cake booties! It was sooo yummy!
Yet another cake, made with fondant to add dimension, gee you'd think we were getting married! This was a white cake with some kind of mysterious green filling. I enjoyed the booties myself!My old work partner, Jill, went above and beyond for us at our baby shower! Everything matched nicely we had a great time! Thank you Mamaz! (Jill)

The Chair

I am very proud of myself, for I have reupholstered this rocking chair. We got this rocking chair from James' Grammy Z, once she passed away earlier this year. We thought it would be nice to have. However, it needed some new material to cover the old stuff and update its look. It did not come with the foot stool. We found it at a garage sale where I begged the man to let me have it for $30 bucks. Looking online for a new one, yes just the stool, it was going to cost $80 or more. So the man and I settled on $35 because is wife was not going to be happy with him, since she did not want him to sell it at all!
Meow, our cat, likes the chair very much. I find her there, curled up while I am working in Teagan's room.
Yes, Meow helped me sew up the material. She enjoyed playing with the scraps that where hanging down or left over.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthing class

Tonight was our second birthing class. However, James was not there with me tonight. He is down in California working and visiting family. My Aunt Jane, or "Auntie Gram" is what she'll be for Teagan, came with me for support. If you know her, then you know she love'd to come with me to be apart of this. She is so excited for us, and can't wait! Tonight in class we went through the stages of labor. For the most part I knew what to expect,but it was nice to hear it and to learn a few new things as well. Thanks Aunt Jane for going with me!
There were some new people in our class this week, then last, one couple are very young and are deciding to have an open adoption, and they have a family that has been chosen and the new family has picked out the baby's name. I thought how brave this girl is for going through all this and making the decision to put her baby up for adoption. She is probably no older then 17, and she had her boyfriend on one side of her and her mother on the other side of her. She is lucky to have a good support system! There was another girl there who brought her boyfriend with her, and he is a story all in himself.....totally did not participate, fell asleep during the labor video, was reading a book for "work," and just was not there mentally. I thought "what is the point dude? You clearly will be a great support for your girlfriend...right!"
I feel that I am so lucky to have a great support system with my family and friends! It is very much appreciated and I love you all!
I am looking forward to flying down to California on Friday to see James, who has been gone for a week now. We are having our first baby shower down there at my Grandma's house. It is co-ed and should be fun! I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends from down there! I should have lots of pictures to show when I return! What I am not looking forward to is flying on the airplane with a cold that I have seemed to have picked up. Ya know all the good 'ol recirculated air in the plane! Plus I can't take much in the way of decongestants, when you are pregnant. Yeah for that!