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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sheryl's Body Shop at Home Party

This is my dad's girlfriend Sheryl, and she hosted a Girls' Nite Out party on Tuesday. We had a great time and she chose to host a Foot Fun party, where her guests were able to soak their feet and try our Body Shop at Home products. Sheryl has recently lost over 40 lbs with the Transitions Lifestyles Systems weight loss program. Way to Go, Sheryl! She now is starting to teach classes to people who are interested in the program because she really believes in it. Sheryl hosted her Body Shop party at her business, The Animal Store, Tapir and Friends Wildlife World Gift Shop, where she has her realistic stuffed animals, plastic animals and other animal gifts. It was fun we were surrounded by them! Sheryl is the president of the Tapir Preservation Fund and works really hard to educate people about tapirs and to help with funding for conservation of tapirs and their habitats. To learn more about Sheryl and her organization, please vistit her blog and or her website.

Here are some pictures form Sheryl's party:

Here is my table with lots of my Body Shop products on it for guests to sample. This is a great opportunity for you as the customer, it gives you a chance to "try before you buy," and who doesn't like that!

This is a picture of my Aunt Jane checking out our catolog, and my cousin Erika, who is excted to soak her feet!

Some of Sheryl's guests, enjoying themselves!

This is a picture of Sheryl and me by my display table! We had such a nice time at the party and Sheryl was able to get lots of extra goodies for being the host! I even had a guest interested in hosting her own party! We have four different parties to chose from: Foot Fun, Make Me Fabulous, Face is Forever, and Spa Experience.

To learn more about hosting a party of your own or the Body Shop at Home, please visit my website!