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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Ships Passing

We enjoy going down to the Port Docks in Astoria. I find peace in going down there like I used to do with my dad when I was little. The Columbia River is approximately 4 1/2 miles across and we can see across to our neighbor, Washington. James and I went down to the docks to talk and relax and while we were there we saw two ships pass by going the opposite direction. The river can be a busy place with ships, boats and birds coming and going about.

Here comes the first ship that says, "China Shipping" going out to sea.

Teagan noticed the second ship going up river.

The two creep closer together...

...and closer!

(I am such my father's daughter, for those that know him you know.)

The Meglar Bridge is in the background that connects Astoria, Oregon to Washington State.

Teagan and I both pointing at the ships.

They made it pass each other!
This ship says,"Lauritzen Bulkers" on the side of it.

Don't worry I've got him!
I know my mom is freaking out, "He's too close to the edge!"

Teagan and I sitting on the edge of the docks.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinner with Grandma Tapir

We've got a self feeder here folks!
Grandma Tapir (Sheryl) came over the other night for a visit, and just in time for feeding Teagan dinner. She worked with him on holding his fork and he finally got it. He was able to do it all on his own. Well, maybe with a little help still, but I took some pictures of them and caught it on film. Below are two videos of him feeding himself.

Thanks Grandma!

Showing him how to hold the fork.

Here you hold it.

Into the mouth it goes!

Assisting him to the bowl.

Into the mouth all on his own!

People have wondered if we know if Teagan is right or left handed. If you notice above, half the time he is using his right hand and the other time he is using his left hand.

Apparently, he is still trying to figuring it out.

There may be a black screen, but you should be able to click the play button.

After his ravioli's he had yogurt, which was a new substance to be working with.
Please see below...

Again, there may be a black screen but you should be able to play it.

Well so maybe we shouldn't have had him try the yogurt on his own just yet. hehe.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Supper Club

I know the picture is a bit blurry, but what can you say for a camera phone. A few nights ago we went out for dinner at T Paul's Supper Club in downtown Astoria. It was so cute when James and Teagan were sharing a few goldfish snack crackers while waiting for Teagan's dinner. I just had to post it!

Say, "Ahhhhh!"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post Bath Energy

After bath, Teagan was still a bit wound up, so we put down some fleece blankets on the ground and he ran around. Tonight, we had on a CD that has lullabies and he was so funny dancing around and swinging his arms. James caught some on video. Please excuse his runny nose, his allergies are acting up pretty badly, poor guy.
(There might not be a picture in the video box, but just click the play button, the triangle lower left of the box, and it should come on.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cousin Kloden

Three weeks ago James cousin Jared, and his wife, Amy were in Oregon visiting from Missouri. Amy's sister Jenny got married out here and we couldn't pass up an opportunity to go and see them. Their son, Kloden, was born 10 days after Teagan, so Amy and I have had fun talking about being pregnant together and how we are handling parenthood. Because of the distance, we don't get to see one another very often. It is fun when they come out here to visit Amy's family, who are originally from Oregon. We were able to meet up for lunch and go back over to Jenny's new house for the boys to play. Teagan was very tired and had had a long day already by the time we saw them, he fell asleep in the car on the way to their house and we woke him up, but Kloden and Teagan seemed to have a good time together.

Kloden and Teagan at the end of the table. Kloden is trying to share his phone with Teagan.

Teagan is helping Kloden color.

The boys.

Sharing a flower.

Amy took a few pictures of us (she has a side business taking wonderful photos), and James did too. You see I am looking at Amy and Teagan is looking at his Daddy.

Jared, Kloden and Teagan

Yes, Kiely came too.
Kloden loved watching Kiely get the ball, he would laugh and run to get her.


Picking flowers

Kloden exploring the grass too.

Now it was Teagan's turn to play with Kiley.

Kloden, what did you find?

The cousin's exploring these rock stairs.

Teagan found a nice stick.

Waving the stick around.

Watch where you step!

Thanks Kloden!

It was very cute to watch these guys interact with eachother.
The cousins playing with Kloden's blanket.

Both of them getting into things they shouldn't be touching.

We had fun visiting with the Kuntz family, we hope to see you guys again soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day James took us out to breakfast at the Pig-n-Pancake. It was packed, but that is to be expected, so James took some pictures of Teagan and me playing while we waited for our food. We had a very nice day, pretty uneventful. We worked in the yard most of the day and then went out to BBQ at a friends house.
I am so lucky to have a nice little family who loves me, and I love them!


Even though this one is a little blurry, I think it is precious. Nice hugs from my boy.

Oh even a kiss!

"Where is your head?"

Hello Mommy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friday Night Sunset

Here is the sunset from Friday, that we just had to capture. This is one great thing about living on the Oregon coast, the sunsets can be incredible!

I think that it is so wonderful that the sky can make such great colors!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Haircut

Last week Teagan and I got our hair cut. This was Teagan's first haircut! He wasn't too sure about it, and didn't need very much cut off. Since I was by myself I only have two quick photos to share. Leroy has been cutting my hair since I was two and now it is Teagan's turn. This was a bit challenging 'cause I had to hold him and every time Leroy said, "Now hold real still" Teagan would turn to look at him, oops. With tree quick snips he was done. Leroy took one snip from each side of his head and one from the back, where he had a little baby mullet going on!

Teagan was on my lap and I took this picture in the mirror. You can see Teagan is not too sure, and he is not too sure he wants that toy either.

With scissors in hand Leroy did a quick snip job! Teagan was happier to hold a brush then that stuffed toy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Play Structure

Grandpa Lee is back from traveling! He was gone for over 4 months on his volunteering adventure and we are happy to have him back! We were able to visit with while he was gone via Skype, so Teagan would still see him and not forget who he was.
This last weekend while Grandpa Lee was visiting us he surprised Teagan with a play structure! We are so excited to have it and yesterday James put it together for him.

While Teagan was taking his nap James put the play structure together.

Even Kiely helped. hehe

Teagan woke up and saw this and new he wanted to try it out.
Up the stairs he went!
Onto the platform.

Spin the wheel!

Teagan's hair blowing in the wind.

A slide!

Down he goes into Daddy's arms!

We put the structure in the back yard.

All ready to be played on!

The structure even has a climbing wall for when Teagan gets bigger!
Thanks Grandpa Lee!