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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, March 16, 2009

Grandma Tapir and Teagan

Holding hands with Grandma Tapir.

Sheryl was excited that we stopped by to say hi, she hadn't really seen us since we got home from our trip to California.

Hello Everyone!

WOW, look at those big eyes!

Happy Sheryl with content Teagan!

Teagan is getting so strong, he wants to stand a lot, instead of sitting.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Party for Teagan

Connie through a party for Teagan, it was for friends and neighbors who have known James since he was a little boy, and could meet Teagan. It was a very nice party, thank you grandma Connie!

Betty and Teagan.

Does she know how to do this or what, she got him right asleep!

Sally and Teagan.
Sally lives next door to Connie and Jim and has 3 daughters that James grew up with.

Cute little sneakers that Teagan got as a gift, so we tried one on him. They are a little big still!!!

Dale and Teagan.
Dale has twin grand-daughters.
Dorothy couldn't make the day of the party, because she wasn't feeling well. However, she came by another day when she was feeling better to meet Teagan. He actually feel asleep on her shoulder for about 45min, then woke up and they did some stretches!
Me and Teagan.
He was pooped from all the excitement and crashed!

Thank you everyone who came to the party, we enjoyed seeing all of you. Thank you for all the love and support!

James & Teagan

All bundled up, ready to go outside!

Teagan loves being on James' chest!
Once Teagan falls asleep, out plops his binkie.

Daddy and Teagan in Grandma Kathleen's recliner chair.

Still in the chair, but a new position!

How cute they are holding hands.

James is showing Teagan the big ships outside our favorite coffee shop in Astoria, Coffee Girl. It is this great coffee shop that is out on an old Pier, and was restored. It used to be a cannery and is now converted into a coffee shop, a restaurant, and some offices. It is very neat!

Burp baby, burp!

Look at those checks!

Kiely, Teagan and James at the beach.

James is bundling Teagan up inside his coat, and boy was it bright out that day!

McNulty Family

Teagan is in one bouncer and Kellan is in the other.
They were hanging out while we were having dinner.

Teagan just hanging out.

I'm content, what about you Kellan?
Yo, Kellan you're losing your blanket!

Kristin is holding Teagan, while John is holding Kellan. This was their first time meeting.
Kellan was born September 28, 2008.
John was an old partner of mine on the ambulance. They have an older son who is 2ish, Jackson and is a very good big brother! It was funny, when Kristin was pregnant with Kellan, they did not know the sex of the baby, and was thinking of names. They actually came up with Keagan Allen! Once we told them that we were having a boy and naming his Teagan Alan, we had a nice laugh! They obviously changed their name to Kellan John. But we thought how funny and ironic that was.


Here is James' Grandma with Teagan.

This is Grandma Kathleen's first Great-Grandchild!

Happy Great-Grandma, Happy baby Teagan!

Shelagh and Teagan.
She's got the touch, he's asleep!

This is Diane, James' aunt.

Look at Teagan's hair line, it's like an old mans.

California Friends

Teagan and Cami.
This is Camisha Casimere (Cami for short). She is my old partner from the ambulance, Jamie's daughter.
She is a level 10 gymnast for Airborne Gymnastics in Santa Clara, Ca. She is so good!!! She was recruited by Cal State Fullerton, for a full ride scholarship! We are so proud of you Cami!
To see Cami's meets you can go to You Tube and find her. Here is a link to one of her floor routines a few weeks ago in Long Beach.
Here is my old partner Jamie, Cami's mom, with Teagan.

Don holding the head!

No, you aren't seeing the same guy from above, this is Ramon (Balonie!!!! inside joke). Ramon and Don are twin brothers. Ramon and I were also partners on the ambulance.

Teagan and Jamie, he is quite relaxed on her chest.

Ahhh, so sweet.

Here is Jill (Mamaz) with Teagan.
We were able to visit for a while, while James was doing work for her.
Jill is the one who through our co-ed baby shower in California. She and I were also partners on the ambulance.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grandma Connie

Zonked out on Grandma Connie!

Happy Teagan, happy Grandma!

Teagan must have been really tired becuase he fell asleep in Connie's hand.

So sweet.

Grandpa Jim

Nap time with Grandpa Jim.

Sleepy Teagan with Grandpa.

Grandpa Jim and Teagan taking another nap together!

Grandpa Jim holding Teagan while he sleeps, do you see his little foot sticking out of the blanket?
Teagan is all bundled up cozy in Grandpa Jim's arms.

Auntie Jamie

How about we just call this Jamie's Blog Post!

Jamie is James' best girl friend since he was little, they were on swim team together as little kids, how cute. James in a little speedo..haha. While we were down in California on our trip we saw Jamie quite a few time, it was really nice. She fell in love with Teagan. She is the one who had stitched the green blanket for Teagan. She loves us so much she booked a trip up here to see us later this week. We are excited to have her in Oregon and spend a few days with us!

James and Jamie
Hey, who are you?

Good first impression, huh!

This is how Jamie handled that! Take that Teagan!

Okay fine, I'll hold your finger.

Sleeping like a.....

She's in Love!

Ahhhh, so sweet!

James, me, unhappy Teagan, and Jamie.

Jamie and Teagan.

Kisses from Auntie Jamie.


Jamie and Teagan with the blanket that she made for him.

At dinner she was telling him and showing him each stitch. "See this stitch right here, I did all of these just for you!"
Then after dinner we got in the car and were on our way home, and I happen to look back at Teagan and did NOT see the blanket!!! I asked James where he put the blanket and he said, it was on the car seat, but I said it is not there! He said it was on draped over him when we walked out. We freaked out and turned around and went back to the restaurant to look for the blanket. We pulled up to the parking lot and James got out with a flashlight and started the hunt. He ended up finding it in the grass next to the walkway! We were sweating bullets, hoping to find it! Yeah Daddy!
Jamie, Teagan, and Jamie's boyfriend, Mike.

Jamie and Teagan ordering dinner.

Jamie and Teagan.
p.s. Jamie took this picture herself, I offered to take it, but she wanted to do it herself!

Me and Jamie at dinner.