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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Long!

Ok, Ok, I know it has been way too long since I've updated our blog! So for all those that have been harping on me here ya go. I have a bunch of pictures that I took off my phone from the last several months. Most are of Teagan and James because I'm the one who ends up taking them. Thank you for showing interest in us and our life. We are all doing well and Teagan is growing more and more everyday, talking in complete sentences and learning something new all the time. He likes to sing, ride bikes and play. James is still working doing landscaping and is getting into the busy season here. I am working part-time on the ambulance, or as Teagan likes to say, "am-bu-bunce". I've applied to nursing school, again, here and am waiting to hear. I do know that I made top 40, and was able to earn extra points by taking an essay. I will keep you posted!

We all are keeping busy and I will try to update this more....

In random order:

Teagan on his new "bigole" that my mom got for him! (05/22/11)

Helping Daddy garden at Mimi and Papa Jim's house. (12/23/10)

Solider Boy (December, 2010).

Nice "Stashes" guys! (05/24/11)

Hagging out with Daddy on the couch (04/25/11).

I told Teagan that if he wanted to come outside with me that he had to go get dressed, this is how he came outside. I laughed and laughed! (04/20/11)

Sharing the straw (04/03/11).

Papa Jim reading Teagan a book, while we all were in Hawaii (03/21/11).

Cool shades dude! In Hawaii, enjoying the sun! (03/22/11)

Ahh yes, the one picture of me.

James and I were able to sneak out while Teagan was down for his nap to enjoy the sun too in Hawaii. Connie and Jim stayed in the room with Teagan (03/21/11).

We would wake up early in Hawaii and walk along the beaches on this paved beach walkway. I caught the two of them having a little moment (03/21/11).

I took this picture of Teagan because I thought he looked so cute and grown-up. Not a baby anymore, my little toddler boy (03/02/11).

While Teagan was cutting his molars, he sometimes would not feel real great (03/04/11).

Because of all the rain we get out here, the Mom's Club started this indoor play area for the little ones, called Port of Play. As you can see they have an adult 3 wheeler that James jumped on while Teagan is ridding a 3 wheeler for his size too. I thought this was so funny! (02/21/11)

And there you have it!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Teagan calls me "Mama" and he calls James "Da-Go", why well, because he is always "going". Going to work,going to the store, going to take a shower. So he is known as Da-Go.
Today Teagan did not want James to go to work. He held onto James for many minutes, and almost made him late for work. I quickly grabbed my camera and took these pictures.

A boy who didn't want his daddy to go to work.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This year Teagan was "Squirt," the turtle, from Finding Nemo. Although, most people guessed a frog. We walked downtown Astoria, in the rain, but what do you expect for the Northwest in the end of October. Teagan had fun looking around, I think he was confused about why all these people were dressed strangely.
After the downtown trick-or-treating, we went over to our friends house for dinner. Teagan and Kamryn played and we got some pictures of them int their costumes.

Someone is ready to go!

James and Teagan before the rain started.

Quick picture during the downtown experience, in between the showers.

Yes, Teagan is under there somewhere.

Teagan found a treat.

One for each hand.

Kamryn and Teagan outside Kelli's house, and what you don't see is that it is absolutely pouring and I am getting soaked trying to take the picture!

A turtle and his princess!

We had all of 5 trick-or-treaters, but we were ready for them!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Teagan and Kamryn

Kamryn is about 6 months older than Teagan. She is the daughter of my good friend, Kelli. Kelli and have known each other for about 15yrs, and it is fun to have kids close to the same age. Kelli and I walk mostly everyday and we push our strollers so that Teagan and Kamryn are side by side. They play with each other, fight with each other, learn to share together, and also have time-outs together! They are very cute figuring life out together. Here are some pictures from the other day and Kelli's house.

Kamryn watching Teagan hold the shovel.

Kamryn being cute! "cu-te"

I love this squatting shot.

Playing in the dirt.

Boy with his shovel.

Kamryn matches her house.

Where did she go?
Notice: the shovel still in hand.

After a hard afternoon of playing, it is bath-time!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My brother got Married!

Adam tied the knot with his bride, Ashley, on August 21, 2010. They got married in Bend at the Awbrey Glen Golf Club, Saturday. James was a groomsman, Teagan was the ring bearer, and I was a bridesmaid. We all had a nice time and it was fun to be able to share their day. Teagan, however, stole the show when he stopped to smell the flowers along the aisle.
Congratulations you guys!

Nice cake.

Ashley, awaiting her groom, for the before pictures.

Adam, the groom, awaiting his bride.

I asked Adam to get a picture of us, I guess he was nervous 'cause he missed half of his face.

The bride and groom seeing each other for the first time, for the before pictures.

Adam and Ashley.

Holding each other while looking into their eyes.

My dad, Adam, and my mom before the wedding.

Me and my dad before the wedding.

Adam with his groomsmen.
James is on the far right end.

My mom with Adam before the wedding.

Me and Adam.

Me, Teagan, Hannilie, and Ashley

Adam, Teagan, Hannilie, and Ashley.

James stuck his finger in Teagan's mouth, which he then bit. James yelled, and Teagan laughed.

Family shot.

My family with Ashley.

My dad and mom walking Adam down the aisle.

Here James and I come.

Teagan tossed the pillow (no the rings were not attached) and strolled on down but got distracted....

He stopped and smelled the flowers at each row! Super cute, he stole the show!

Vaughn, Ashley's dad, walking her down the aisle.

And they lived happily ever after........