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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, September 20, 2010

Teagan and Kamryn

Kamryn is about 6 months older than Teagan. She is the daughter of my good friend, Kelli. Kelli and have known each other for about 15yrs, and it is fun to have kids close to the same age. Kelli and I walk mostly everyday and we push our strollers so that Teagan and Kamryn are side by side. They play with each other, fight with each other, learn to share together, and also have time-outs together! They are very cute figuring life out together. Here are some pictures from the other day and Kelli's house.

Kamryn watching Teagan hold the shovel.

Kamryn being cute! "cu-te"

I love this squatting shot.

Playing in the dirt.

Boy with his shovel.

Kamryn matches her house.

Where did she go?
Notice: the shovel still in hand.

After a hard afternoon of playing, it is bath-time!