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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So this is my tummy. Yes, my belly button is starting to change shape, which is weird. I have been able to feel Teagan move for a while now, but James is now able to feel him move too. Teagan is active still in the evenings and that is nice because then James has more of an opportunity to feel him. Teagan's head is on my right side and feet are on the left, seems like he is stretched out across my belly. It is so nice that James is finally able to feel him move! It definitely makes it more real for him now too!
I started school this week, which I was nervous for. I am always a bit anxious when starting up again. So far, I've made it through half of the first week. 11 1/2 weeks to go! My fears of going to school this term is that I will be going into fall term, which is always intense, and start of my third trimester. I am worried that I will begin to get tired and not be able to dedicate myself enough to studying. It is important that I do well, to better my chances of getting into nursing school, which I am applying for this Spring. I am taking this term Anatomy and Physiology, Math, and Psychology. These are all challenging classes and I want to make sure I can do well with this class load, and make a baby!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tacoma Visit

Billy and I. Billy is Connie's aunt.
Connie grew up in Tacoma and still has family up there!
Me and Morgan
Melody and me. Melody is Connie's cousin.
James and I up at Melody's house in Tacoma. She had put together a wonderful, home cooked breakfast for us and the family. It was so good. We had so much fun visiting them! We hope to see you guys again soon!
Danielle, me, and Brigette, with Brigette's kids.


My best friend, Kirk and I.

Heidi and I.
My best childhood friend, Maggie and I. She is very excited for us, seeing that she had twin girls back in February. Now the girls will have a boyfriend to play with come the New year!

I am 23wks here. 9/14/08

Babies R Us!

This our big adventure to the Mecca for babies. Babies R Us! James and I arrived early to register. Starbucks in hand! We arrived at 10 am and did not leave until 2pm! Yes, that's right 4 hours! It was very overwhelming! They gave us a booklet of pages of lists of what a baby "needs." So we, or I really should say, James went at it with the scanner.
Scanner in hand, ready for use!
James was so funny to watch. Here he is concentrating on "breast items." Breast pumps, pads, gel, special bottles for the pump, along with all the other "accessories". He was asking me which pump I liked, or thought would be the best, comparing the different pumps like they are going on his boobs!
James was very determined on which car seat we are going to have. We have friends who have this particular kind. If you can notice the handle of the car seat, which is currently shown here attached to the stroller/jogger, is not just a half domed shape. It makes a triangle in the center. It gives you more then one option on how to hold the car seat. We wanted a car seat that would fit directly into/onto a stroller, and with this particular kind we have to get this three wheeler jogger. I wasn't sure that I liked the jogger style but after some convincing and with some knowledge from the helpful staff we are going with this kind. It is supposed to be great on the beach, and easy to maneuver since the front wheel can lock into place.
This is a picture of the bed set that we are going with in Teagan's room. We are also going to be painting the room pretty much the same way the picture shows. Blue on the top, with a cream chair rail and a greenish/tan color on the bottom. The crib we've chosen is that same color as the one shown here in the picture. I was wanting to be inspired with a room theme, so I was waiting to see what Babies R Us had. I didn't really care for anything, but James saw this one and loves planes and so we are going with it. I don't mind it, I think it is nice.
So at the end of the 4 hours, we had done mostly everything we are supposed to have. There are many pages to look through! Also, for those people who are on a budget, there are many price ranges. We are having two baby showers, one in California and one in Oregon. So there is lots to choose from! We are only registered at Babies R Us, online or you can go to the store and print out our registry. ~Happy Shopping!

Fall River- Waterfall

This is so my husband, pretending to be peeing. Typical boy!

Adventure's over Labor Day Weekend

WARNING! Contains more skin then people really want to see! I have to say though, I am quite brave to attempt to wear a two-piece bathing suit in public! We went up to East Lake, near Sunriver, with my mom and Dick. Keily enjoying the lake too. She is not really a water dog, but is getting used to it. She kept on attempting to get that red buoy, and a duck that would keep taunting her.
This is Fall River in Sunriver, near my mom and Dick's place. The water was so clear and beautiful! We hiked around one side of the lake, it is great spot for fly fishing!
Keily had a good time here too!
James and I at Fall River, it was really bright out! Where are your sunglasses babe?

Labor Day Weekend

I am 21wks here. 8/30/08.
My brother, Adam, and I at my mom's house in Sunriver, Or.
My hubbie and I
My best friend Lacey and I.
My mom and I.

The In-Laws!

James' parents, Jim and Connie, came up for a visit at the end of August. We had a great time with them for the few days they were here. We went out to the beach and did some sight seeing. They were quite surprised to see my growing belly!
Jim, me, and Connie.
We had dinner at the Baked Alaska in Astoria, and had a wonderful view of the sunset!

Please take notice at the color coordination of my shirt and shoes! Thank you very much. I'll get use out of those darn bridesmaid shoes after all!

I am 20wks here. 8/25/08