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Saturday, August 28, 2010

My brother got Married!

Adam tied the knot with his bride, Ashley, on August 21, 2010. They got married in Bend at the Awbrey Glen Golf Club, Saturday. James was a groomsman, Teagan was the ring bearer, and I was a bridesmaid. We all had a nice time and it was fun to be able to share their day. Teagan, however, stole the show when he stopped to smell the flowers along the aisle.
Congratulations you guys!

Nice cake.

Ashley, awaiting her groom, for the before pictures.

Adam, the groom, awaiting his bride.

I asked Adam to get a picture of us, I guess he was nervous 'cause he missed half of his face.

The bride and groom seeing each other for the first time, for the before pictures.

Adam and Ashley.

Holding each other while looking into their eyes.

My dad, Adam, and my mom before the wedding.

Me and my dad before the wedding.

Adam with his groomsmen.
James is on the far right end.

My mom with Adam before the wedding.

Me and Adam.

Me, Teagan, Hannilie, and Ashley

Adam, Teagan, Hannilie, and Ashley.

James stuck his finger in Teagan's mouth, which he then bit. James yelled, and Teagan laughed.

Family shot.

My family with Ashley.

My dad and mom walking Adam down the aisle.

Here James and I come.

Teagan tossed the pillow (no the rings were not attached) and strolled on down but got distracted....

He stopped and smelled the flowers at each row! Super cute, he stole the show!

Vaughn, Ashley's dad, walking her down the aisle.

And they lived happily ever after........


  1. What a beautiful wedding and a super cute ring bearer!! You all look great!

  2. a wonderful set of pictures and you are becoming such a good chronicler of family events.

  3. Nice job, Laurel. This is a great set of photos to remember the special day. Everyone looks so nice. I second what Lee said. You really are taking nice pix of family events.