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Thursday, July 10, 2008

14 Week Update!

Today James and I went for our appt that we usually have every 4wks. We found out that Dr. Holland likes to fly and build planes, so he and James talked about that while I laid on the table. It was funny because at one point I said, "so I was having some pain in my wrist yesterday..." and they both looked over at me and the doctor said, " oh yeah we have to talk about you now" umm yeah, hello! I said. The appointment was short and we listened to our babies heart and it is normal for this age, it was in the 150's he said. It was nice when we heard the heart beat, and I looked over at James who was smiling which made me smile. It was a nice moment.
The doctor informed us about a test that they offer between 15-18wks gestation, which is called the quad test, for which I almost fell off the table thinking we were having four babies! Not true, we only have one, lets make that clear! The quad test is a test that they do to test for downs syndrome, trisome 18, spinabifita and another one can't think of the name, another pregnancy moment! Anyway we have decided to go ahead and have it down in two weeks, and at that time I will be 16wks. It is a blood test and I believe an ultra sound will be done as well. But the BIG test will be done in 5wks on Aug 14th to determine what we are having!
Which brings me to another thing, finding out the sex....friends of ours who have not found out before hand say don't find out. Friends who have say to find out. I told James I don't care what we are having so it doesn't matter to me, but he wants to know so we are. This way we know to start buying pink or blue, not just green and yellow. Our friends have said, the ones that didn't find out, that it was so much more exciting finding out right when it was born, then just having the ultra sound technician tell them, but each to their own.
I am continuing to feel great, I have noticed I am a little tired some days, but since I am going to school, I am on a schedule which helps me to keep stimulated. I will be happy to have about a month off between summer and fall classes, about at the end of Aug.
I am hoping to get some pictures posted soon, but I need James to help me with that, because I am just not that computer literate!


  1. Your post made me laugh about your appointment! Glad everything is going well. YAY for your gender ultrasound being scheduled!!! I can't wait to know.

  2. Thanks for the up-date of your little one! I'm so pleased all is going well for all three of you. It is fun to know what gender you are having. Love, Aunt Judy

  3. OK, so Grandma saw your blog and ultrasound pix -- she said it's a boy! Lankly legs and tall body - boy for sure! I put your blog on her desktop so she can check it easily. Start buying blue!

    Love you, honey! Mom.

  4. Hi Laurel,
    We finally got a chance to check out your blog. I know granma weekley is hoping for a girl so she can finally buy some pretty clothes. Miss you guys. Steve and Diane