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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Class of 2009

In late may I found out that I had enough credits to Graduate with an Associates Degree in General Studies. I graduated on Friday, June 12. I am pleased with myself, especially with having Teagan early. You may or may not remember my water broke the week before finals Fall term! I feel great that I have accomplished a goal, and that I am now a well rounded person, mentally, not physically! I brought Teagan to school with me to pick up my cap and gown, and he decided to try on my cap, and enjoyed playing with my tassel.

As it turns out my school's colors are green and gold, so he was dressed appropriately.

Here is Michelle with Teagan, she is the one who helped me out with all my classes and got me organized so I could graduate. Thank You!

I believe this is a picture of me walking down the aisle to go sit down with my class.

Sheryl caught me going across the stage, but I must have walked to fast, so it is a double, including my size! But you get the point.

My Mom and me.

My supported husband and me.

Here is my proud Dad, me, and my Aunt Jane!

My Dad and me.

Me and Teagan!

My family.

Here we are with my holding up my diploma cover.

Another family shot.

Another shot of me with Teagan!

Me and James

Poor Teagan, it got pretty late for him since the graduation started at 7pm and his bedtime is 8pm, and the graduation ceremony took an hour and a half. James brought along a bottle, but it was too cold for his liking and spit it out on James , so the ended up walking around most of the time. However, I did look out while I was walking across the stage and saw them standing up in the back, so I know they saw me too! As soon as we got Teagan to the car and in his car seat, we hadn't even left the parking lot, and he was out!
Thanks to all that supported me while going to school. Much love and thanks goes to you!
So what is my plan now, well keep going to school and try to get into the nursing program!


  1. Very cool, great job Laurel!

  2. Congrats, Laurel! I can't believe how big Teagan is getting. How is he doing with eating solids?



  4. Congratulations, Laurel! A fine accomplishment considering Teagan was a big priority too! Janet

  5. I love it that you keep posting these wonderful blogs. Even though I see you often, it's nice to be able to see the events again or see the things I missed :)