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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coffee Girl lunch

Teagan and I met up with Grandma Tapir for lunch at Coffee Girl. Teagan fell asleep in the car, then woke up while we were there.

Teagan asleep in his car seat.

Sheryl's cappuccino, do you see the leaf design?

Someone woke up.

A little grin for Mama.

I love these socks!
We have a few pairs of these socks in different colors. They look like shoes, but have real string for laces, and a big plus is that they actually stay on! (well for the most part, better then most socks, as you moms out there know, you come home with one sock on the baby!)

Hello Grandma Tapir!

Kisses for Buds!

Haha, Mama, your funny!

I am happy now that I have my huge Vanilla Chai!
Look at the cup compared to Teagan!

Wanna try some.....

Teagan loves paper napkins, of course he trys to put them in his mouth, which then they starts to disintegrate!

I am showing Teagan a little boat that is zooming past us. As you may now know, since I talk about it a lot, is that Coffee Girl was an old cannery that sits out on a pier on the Columbia River, in Astoria Oregon. We love to watch the ships that past by, along with the birds, and seal lions.


  1. This is such a fun post. Your posts will get to be more and more interesting as the little guy grows! I loved this one! Thanks for the links, too :) (Grandma Tapir)

  2. Man, I hope Coffee Girl is giving you a sponsorship, you sure do end up there a lot. ;) Great pictures, hope to see you guys over the 4th Weekend!