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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blueberry Season!

My mom has made this Blueberry-Lemon Coffee Cake a few times while visiting her for breakfast, and it is sooo yummy. I asked her for the recipe and sure enough it is a good 'ol Betty Crocker recipe. So I am passing it along to all of you to try. I 've emailed a few friends it already, but hey, it it the season for picking fresh blueberries, why not! Here are a few pictures of Teagan and I picking some at my Aunt Jane's house. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Here we are inside the blueberry patch picking.

Pausing a moment for a posed photo.

(No, this is not my cake, it is Betty Crocker's photo.)
Blueberry-Lemon Coffee Cake
1 egg
2 cups of Bisquick mix
1/3 cup of sugar
2/3 cup milk
1 tablespoon grated lemon peel
1 cup fresh or frozen (thawed) blueberries
1/4cup Bisquick mix (no, this is not a typeo)
2/3 cup powdered sugar
3-4 teaspoons lemon juice
Heat oven at 400 degrees, grease a 9 inch round cake pan.
In medium bowl, slightly beat egg, add the 2 cups Bisquick, sugar, milk, and lemon peel.
In a small bowl, mix blueberries, 1/4 cup Bisquick. Then combined into the medium bowl, mix all together, then spread into the pan and back for 20-25minutes or until golden brown. Make glaze by mixing the 2/3 powdered sugar and lemon juice together. Cool for 10 minutes, before drizzling glaze over, serve warm.


  1. Hey, it sounds good. I enjoyed the photos!

  2. I'll have a piece next weekend when we're in town!