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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, August 23, 2009


While we were down in California visiting family, Teagan was able to experience going swimming for the first time. We went in at Great-Grandma Kathleen's house first. Teagan wore his sun hat and was doing fine until he suddenly freaked out. I lifted him out of the water and gave him to James, which he then took his hat off to discover some kind of water biting fly of some sorts, that crawled up inside Teagan's hat and bit his little head! So much for the non traumatic first experience of the water! However, we did try it again, at my Grandma's house and later back at Grandma Kathleen's house. He seemed to enjoy splashing around!

Here we are in Great-Grandma Kathleen's pool.

Grandma Kathleen and I held onto him in this float.

Just trying to get used to this.

Here we are at my Grandma Fran's house, in her pool.


Up and down!

Hey, not too bad!

Lovely way to dry off!

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