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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shakira's Wedding

July 18th of this year we went to my cousin, Shakira's wedding. She is the second one of us grandchildren to get married, me being the first of course. The wedding was up in San Fransisco and was difficult to find, but after a phone call and talking to one of the servers we made it!
I wish you all the best of luck to you, Brandon and Shakira, congratulations!

The beautiful bride!

James with Teagan, he was so good during the ceremony, but he started babbling once while it was quiet and we all laughed.

Here is supposed to be a nice shot of my brother's girlfriend, Ashley and I, but my Aunt Jackie walked through as we were taking the picture, typical scattered mother of the bride! haha.

Me, all cleaned up!

My mom and her husband, Dick.

My "little" brother, Adam, and I.

My cousin, Austin, and I.

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