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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day Out!

Last Sunday we went on a drive. Along the way we stopped off at this large field behind a church. Kiely, our dog, enjoyed running and we brought out a blanket and just relaxed and captured some nice moments.

Teagan playing with my watch.

James and Teagan, still holding my watch!

Daddy must have done something pretty funny!

Trying to get a self taken family photo, I didn't mean to get so much of my armpit!

In this video, above,we caught Teagan saying "Dada" he has been saying it for a few weeks now.

This one, we were just trying to see his teeth but caught him standing on his own, with a surprise bonus at the end.


  1. Awww, I wish I would've been there to snap some family pics of your guys!!

  2. Very cute. Nice post and fun videos. I was wondering what the surprise would be, I shouldn't have gotten so excited about it :) Nice standing, Teagan! I'm going to have to child-proof the place here, yes?

  3. OMG - he is soo big - you look great - MISS YOU SO MUCH... and I didn't know Shakira got married? WOW