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Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Time at the Park!

Sunday was our first time taking Teagan to the park. We took him to the park that I often play at when I was a child, Tapiola Park in Astoria. Now that Teagan is walking we let him explore the park, the grass, and the wood chips in the play area.

Holding Daddy's hand.

Look how excited Teagan was.

"Hey, another little person like me. Hey wait, I know this little girl, it is Izzy from Ms. Debbie's Daycare! Hi Izzy!"

Onto the wood chips.

Getting into the swing for the first time, with James' help.

James pushed Teagan in the swing.

He loved it!

Going through the tube.

Going down the big slide. He is used to going down a small slide at Ms. Debbie's house, but this was a bit overwhelming for him. He held onto James finger as he went down.

Even Kiely joined us at the park.

As we were sitting on the grass the other kids at the park we screaming, laughing and chasing each other, as kids do, but Teagan kept looking over there to see what all the noise was about.

As we were walking back to the car Teagan found a "treasure", a pine cone!


  1. Love the pix and text reminds me when I took you guys. Dedication (it took 10 minutes for the pix to load on this slow system here)

    love to you both

  2. Great writing! Wonderful pictures!

  3. There were so many "firsts"! What a day. The pix are adorable. I'm glad Grandpa could see them all the way from Africa. I'm glad I could see them, too, because I'm not feeling well enough yet to do anything besides barely get my work done. This cold is the worst! I can't wait to see Teagan walking around. He looks like a pro! Last time I watched him walk, he was still falling down.

  4. This is such a great post, I had to check it out again. I'm still sick, can you believe that? But I have work to do, so . . . talk to you later! (When I can talk.)