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Friday, March 12, 2010

Coffe Girl Kathryn Says Goodbye

You know we are such fans of our favorite coffee place, Coffee Girl. Well one of our favorite Coffee Girls', Kathryn, is moving to Seattle. The other night was her going away party down at Ft. George Brewery, one of James' favorite places. It was a nice small gathering with a few local costumers, along with family. Kathryn you will be missed have a great time exploring Seattle!

I have used this photo before from Sheryl, of her Cappuccino, to show what great work these Coffee Girls can do!

Look at that grin, Teagan will miss Kathryn too! They've bonded for many months now!

Here we all are.
James, Kathryn, Laurel (me), and Teagan!

James with his 'lil Man, Teagan!

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