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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Pictures

James and I went to the Clatsop County Fair, and I was very happy to have an Elephant Ear!
My girlfriend Jen and I at Washington Square Mall, in Portland, to do some much needed maternity clothes shopping. Jen and I are great shoppers, but we were limited to were we could go. Thank God for Motherhood Maternity! Racked up some damage there, thanks to my Mom and Jen for a fun day!
19wks pregnant! Defiantly have the pump going!
How cute are we? I am in Pink and James is in Blue, we really didn't plan for that to happen, and this was the day we were finding out what we were having. I think it is a funny picture that we are wearing "team" colors. This picture was taken Aug 14th, I was very nervous, to find out what we were having. Makes it very real!
And the results as you know know....It's a Boy!
We are very excited to be having a boy! Teagan Alan has been very active at night time. The other night while we were laying in bed watching the 10 o'clock news, he flipped over in my stomach, scared the crap out of me! Poor James, I have been hoping that he can feel him move, so I have been placing his hand on my stomach but he still can't feel anything. He is not too worried about it, He is so sweet, he says to me, "don't worry babe, I'll be able to feel him soon enough." I know he will, but it is exciting for me right now, and I want to be able to share that with him. ~Love you babe!

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  1. Hey Laurel! It's great to be able to keep updated on your progress here, look at you!! Congratulations again on the little boy, I'm excited for you. Hope you're doing well, we'll keep in touch.