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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, January 5, 2009

Little bit of this and that

My best friend form childhood, Maggie, gave us this swing to borrow. It is neat it can go both back and forthwith, and side to side. It plays music and sounds, it has figures that dangle and rotatese. It also has blue stars that portray themselves on the curtain. After I fed Teagan I put him in the swing to see how he liked it. Geee, that did not take long, he was asleep in less then 5 minutes! Then overprotected Dad came in and put an extra blue fuzzy blanket over him.

Bundled up with his blue fuzzy blanket. (Thanks Daddy)

James is so funny. He loves Teagan so much, and is constantly worrying about him. Whether it is the way he looks, sounds,or breaths. He worries about people looking at him, or touching him. He is the germ police, "did you wash your hands?" he says to everyone that comes within 10 feet of him. Even to me at home! "Yes, I just washed them," then he'll look at me like, "are you sure?" "Yes! Relax!" It is okay though, I rather him worry then not.
This weekend we ended up taking Teagan to Urgent Care. James had noticed that his right eye was more watery then the left. I wasn't too worried about it, but then when we woke up Saturday morning, it had green/yellow gunk all in it. It was more then just the morning gunk you get crusted to the inside of your eye, it was gouped all over his eye. So we thought we better bring him in(before he went blind). You know being first time parents you think the worst. The PA on duty prescribed an antibiotic and said to see our pediatrician Monday or Tuesday, so this morning we went and saw our doctor. Boy, is he happy he took us on because we've seen him practically every week since we've been home. On Christmas Eve we went in because James thought he sounded congested, but no, that's just how babies breathe sometimes, and now this. (Can you hear the dollar signs?!?) In all it turns out that Teagan just has a clogged tear duct, and we don't have to give him the antibiotics anymore. All we have to do is gentle massage the inside corner of his eye with a warm cotton ball, problem solved!
However, while we were at the doctor's office they weighed him and he is now up to a whopping 7lbs 14oz!

Today I received an email from my German teacher from high school, Frau Bowler, she plays the flute. She ended up writing/playing a lullaby for Teagan. (So nice of her!) Hopefully you can enjoy it as much as we are going to.

James and I are hanging in there, and adjusting pretty well to Parenthood. I am breast feeding at most of the feedings, Teagan is able to latch on now without the use of the nipple shield, which is a great sign, he is getting bigger and stronger! We are getting up every 2 1/2-3hrs at night, which we are adjusting to as well. We are up to date with the local news, we watch the 10pm-11pm news and the 4:30am news, so we are in the know! The animals are adjusting too. Keily getting worried when Teagan crys or breathes differently, she'll lick him, and Meow sniffs him. They don't seem to mind too much. Kiely gets board now, when we don't go out, but we try to go to the beach and to a friends house who has other dogs that she plays with. Meow doesn't really come into our room at night, it gets too hot for her. We have to keep our room at 70 dgrs for Teagan, which is not the most desirable temp for James and I. We like it cold and usually with the window open, but not any more.

We are enjoying and cherishing this time we have with him, but we are also looking forward to the future with him in our life! It is crazy to think that Teagan is already 1 month old. Time is flying by and I don't imagine it will slow down!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you got a swing. I didn't realize you didn't have one. The swing was our saviour! Jacob would be in it for hours. I am sure Teagan will spend lots of time in it (and yes, James, it is very safe - the tray doesn't even have to be in place, hahaha). Sorry to hear about baby's eye, but good to hear it's nothing major. No trips to the ER yet for us (knock on wood). Scary! Hope all is well there and you have no snow... I am getting tired of the white stuff here! Take care!