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Sunday, March 15, 2009

California Friends

Teagan and Cami.
This is Camisha Casimere (Cami for short). She is my old partner from the ambulance, Jamie's daughter.
She is a level 10 gymnast for Airborne Gymnastics in Santa Clara, Ca. She is so good!!! She was recruited by Cal State Fullerton, for a full ride scholarship! We are so proud of you Cami!
To see Cami's meets you can go to You Tube and find her. Here is a link to one of her floor routines a few weeks ago in Long Beach.
Here is my old partner Jamie, Cami's mom, with Teagan.

Don holding the head!

No, you aren't seeing the same guy from above, this is Ramon (Balonie!!!! inside joke). Ramon and Don are twin brothers. Ramon and I were also partners on the ambulance.

Teagan and Jamie, he is quite relaxed on her chest.

Ahhh, so sweet.

Here is Jill (Mamaz) with Teagan.
We were able to visit for a while, while James was doing work for her.
Jill is the one who through our co-ed baby shower in California. She and I were also partners on the ambulance.

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