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Sunday, March 15, 2009

McNulty Family

Teagan is in one bouncer and Kellan is in the other.
They were hanging out while we were having dinner.

Teagan just hanging out.

I'm content, what about you Kellan?
Yo, Kellan you're losing your blanket!

Kristin is holding Teagan, while John is holding Kellan. This was their first time meeting.
Kellan was born September 28, 2008.
John was an old partner of mine on the ambulance. They have an older son who is 2ish, Jackson and is a very good big brother! It was funny, when Kristin was pregnant with Kellan, they did not know the sex of the baby, and was thinking of names. They actually came up with Keagan Allen! Once we told them that we were having a boy and naming his Teagan Alan, we had a nice laugh! They obviously changed their name to Kellan John. But we thought how funny and ironic that was.

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