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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Auntie Jamie

How about we just call this Jamie's Blog Post!

Jamie is James' best girl friend since he was little, they were on swim team together as little kids, how cute. James in a little speedo..haha. While we were down in California on our trip we saw Jamie quite a few time, it was really nice. She fell in love with Teagan. She is the one who had stitched the green blanket for Teagan. She loves us so much she booked a trip up here to see us later this week. We are excited to have her in Oregon and spend a few days with us!

James and Jamie
Hey, who are you?

Good first impression, huh!

This is how Jamie handled that! Take that Teagan!

Okay fine, I'll hold your finger.

Sleeping like a.....

She's in Love!

Ahhhh, so sweet!

James, me, unhappy Teagan, and Jamie.

Jamie and Teagan.

Kisses from Auntie Jamie.


Jamie and Teagan with the blanket that she made for him.

At dinner she was telling him and showing him each stitch. "See this stitch right here, I did all of these just for you!"
Then after dinner we got in the car and were on our way home, and I happen to look back at Teagan and did NOT see the blanket!!! I asked James where he put the blanket and he said, it was on the car seat, but I said it is not there! He said it was on draped over him when we walked out. We freaked out and turned around and went back to the restaurant to look for the blanket. We pulled up to the parking lot and James got out with a flashlight and started the hunt. He ended up finding it in the grass next to the walkway! We were sweating bullets, hoping to find it! Yeah Daddy!
Jamie, Teagan, and Jamie's boyfriend, Mike.

Jamie and Teagan ordering dinner.

Jamie and Teagan.
p.s. Jamie took this picture herself, I offered to take it, but she wanted to do it herself!

Me and Jamie at dinner.

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  1. These were all great posts. I love to see them. That was quite an incident with the blanket! I'm so glad you found it!!! Yikes!