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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

James' 1st Father's Day

So many pictures, so little time to keep up. I am getting around to Father's Day finally, and here is a few of James and Teagan. Happy Father's Day Babe, to a great and loving father to his baby boy Teagan! We love you very much!

Big blue eyes!

Teagan's shirt has a picture of a lion on it and it says,"Daddy's Mane Man"
(Get it? Lion, mane...haha)

Teagan is infatuated with the strings on James sweatshirt.

"Well, if Daddy has it in his mouth,I guess I'll try it out in mine."

"Here I go....."

Teagan is pretty good at holding himself upright for a little bit, then will topple over. His new thing is to stick his fingers in his mouth...teething perhaps.

A boy and his Dad!

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  1. What great pictures!!! I love your comments!It is wonderful to get up-dates, Aunt Judy(in MO)