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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Grandmas in California

My Grandma and James' Grandma both are down in the Bay Area. They are so excited to have us down here visiting. Teagan loves all the attention too!

Here is Shelagh, James biological mom, with her grandson Teagan getting lots of kisses!

Ohhh...a necklace!
He loves peoples necklaces!

Grandma Kathleen and Grandma Shelagh.

Great Grandma Kathleen with Teagan.

Teagan loved Grandma Kathleen's shirt, it had sparkly sequins.

Teagan sitting up like a big boy at my Grandma's house.

Having a good time!

Aahhh, sweet boy.


Woooo! Look at me!

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  1. Nice posts, Laurel. It's good be able to see the kid while you're away. I'm glad his nose is getting better. I'm sorry I missed the first laugh, but I expect he'll be practicing, so he should be in good form when you get back!