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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun at G.T.'s House

Last week we had a couple of really nice days. So I decided to walk down the hill to downtown Astoria. While Teagan and I were down there, we decided to stop by to see Grandma Tapir, or G.T. for short, or as I know her, Sheryl. Teagan had fun playing in her shred room at her Animal Store and was happy playing with some of her plastic animals that she sells.

Due to teething, Teagan has been drooling more some days than others. On this day he was drooling a lot, so I put a bib on him, otherwise, he'll soak through his shirt and onesie down to his chest.

What's more fun than sitting on a box lid?

Teagan was playing with two plastic animals, a Small-Spotted Genet Cat and a Spotted Skunk.

Here he comes, with the drool on his chin!

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  1. What an adorable baby. In the native language of the Philipines ("Tagalog"), they have a word that describes when you see something that makes you feel all goofy inside because it's so cute. (Like when people pinch a baby's cheek and make weird noises.) The word is "gigil." Not "giggle," but more like "geegil." Anyway, that's what these pictures make me feel! OOoooooh. Cute :)