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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We went to my girlfriend, Kelli's, house for Halloween this year. We had a little party there, which turned out to be a big party, but it was still fun. We had kid games, like pass the pumpkin, like musical chairs. As well as adult games, like look at a tray full of Halloween stuff for 30 seconds, then take it away then try and remember how many item were on there. My girlfriend, Jen, came down with her daughter, Mikayla, and stayed the weekend with us. I am waiting for Jen to send me more pictures so those will be up later. Sheryl joined us at Kelli's house which was fun to have her there too. Teagan slept through most of the party, and woke up while the kids were out Trick-or-Treating. Next year we will probably go to a few houses, this year it was really just for us.

Sheryl showed up in this scary mask!

Our little skeleton!

Teagan with his Trick-or-Treat plush bag.

Oh, what did he find?

James with Teagan

Kelli's window at her house!

Grandma Tapir (Sheryl) with Teagan, without the scary mask.

Me with my 'lil skeleton!

Here is Kamryn, the little bumble bee!

James with Teagan, he thought something was funny!

Teagan liked playing with his bag.
Next year we will have to put it to use!

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