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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we carved our pumpkins. Teagan held up for a while, but then soon faded and was put down for a nap. It was strange that when I opened my pumpkin up that inside mold had gotten to it. However, there was no holes in it, so I made James clean it out. Once it was cleaned out I continued to carve it. We had gotten a small pumpkin for Teagan, and debated on whether or not to carve it or not. We decided why not, and James went a head and did it. Today James roasted his pumpkins seeds, they smell and taste good!

Teagan with is pumpkin.

He likes it!

Of course, like everything else, straight into the mouth.

Oh nice one.

Ohhh, what is this goop?

James' headless horseman!

My little scary creature guy.

We did a test light on our pumpkin in the kitchen. Teagan's is the little ghost.

Kiely is guarding our pumpkins.
Or should I say, "which one thing does not belong here?"

Displayed on the doorstep.


My friend, Kelli, told me about this trick. You put cinnamon on the inside of the top/lid so that when you burn the candle it smells like cinnamon. Good idea huh!

We made our tops/lids in the shapes of pumpkins.

Lit up!

Really dark and lit up!
(I know it is blurry)


  1. That is a fantastic post, great pix and so well written. I enjoyed seeing all of you' especially our own lil' pumpkin. What a nice family activity!

  2. Those are GREAT pumpkin designs! Nice work and nice blog post!!! Yes, a nice family activity :)