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Friday, November 27, 2009

Teagan's 1 Year Photos

Today we went to Babies R Us to have our pictures taken. We got shots of just Teagan for his 1 year photos and then we got some family shots. It is strange to me that it has almost been a year since I had him. He is the best thing in our life. Even though Teagan was not in the best of moods this morning, we were not sure why, we were able to get some photos that worked.

Our sweet boy.

He kept on wanting to bring his arm up, so why not.

Teagan thought it was neat to push the logs around, and to pat on them as if they were drums.

Teagan with the (really big) good 'ol fashion wooden block.

I loved this little white bench.

Our family picture

Me and T

James with "Buds"


  1. Really nice family pictures of all of you and the lil' man. Maybe I can have some to take home with me.

  2. Nice post, Laurel and James . . . and Teagan! It was such fun to see you all tonight for Thanksgiving. See you soon in Astoria, and thanks so much for the cool photos. You got an incredible BABY!!! He is soooooo much fun!

  3. Great pics! I litereally laughed when I saw the pic with his arm up. So funny.