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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts of Today, December 1st

I have many feelings from today. Not only from today, but from a year ago today, December 1st, 2008. On this day last year, at 9:30pm, is when my water broke unexpectedly, 6 weeks early. It all started at home, thank God, around 9:25pm when I had this shaking feeling inside by belly. It startled me so that I grabbed a hold of James' leg and said, Geez, it felt like the baby just had a seizure inside me!" Then a a few moments later, a gush of warm water. I turned to James and said, " My water just broke!" He asked me if I was serious, of which I answered in a much more "colorful" way, "I'm not (blank) joking!" I got up and held my legs together and went into the bathroom. I sat there on the toilet as fluid continued to come out. I told James, " Hear that? I am NOT peeing right now!" I remember calling my mom, who lives in Portland, 2hrs from Astoria, my Dad,who had just driven to Bend from Astoria (5hrs) and Sheryl, who then came right up. I also called my Aunt Jane and a few friends all from the bathroom, while James ran upstairs to pack a bag. I called to hospital and informed them that I was 34 weeks and that my water broke. They told me to come into the Emergency room immediately. James grabbed me a big bath towel and I held it in between my legs and got into the car and off to the Hospital. Below are some pictures from the moments following on this day, last year.

Here I am at Columbia Memorial Hospital, in disbelief. Thinking to myself,"I can't believe this is happening right now, I have finals next week, then this can be happening!"

Here I am calling a few friends to let them know that my water has broken.

The waiting game, while the nurse is imputing data and the IV tech getting ready to put in an IV.

Trying to find a vein. See the needle? They poked me 7 times there!

Oh this was lovely, here they are not only poking me again, but also telling me that I have to be transported to Portland, by ambulance! The hospital here was not equipped to deal with premature babies.

This was the Paramedic, Beth, who took me to Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

All loaded up on the gurney with James by my side.

This moment I remember vividly! Every time the baby (Teagan) would move, more water would come out. So as they where wheeling me out to the ambulance he moved and...swoosh! I freaked out and said,"Take me back in, tons of water just came out!" Beth, the paramedic checked me, and said it was OK, and we continued. So I sat in my own water the whole trip!

All loaded up and off we went to Portland. The whole way there I tried to relax, but I just kept on thinking, "I can't believe this is happening, I have finals next week!"
This was the start of my whole new adventure of being a mom, for us being parents to a wonderful little boy. I am still in disbelief today that I am a mom for one, and that for two, that it has been a whole year since the most important boy decided he wanted to see us 6 weeks early! Tomorrow marks our 1 year of making it as parents and what a great gift it is!


  1. Laurel, this is a wonderful post! It sure brings back memories. I'm grateful you let me be there with the camera, and now you have it documented forever! I hope you'll post a follow-up tomorrow :)

  2. I still cannot believe it's been a whole year. What a year it's been. I loved reading your post of the exciting day. It made me tear up a little for some reason. It's kinda sad and happy all at the same time that our boys are turning a year already.