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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, December 28, 2009

Birthday Gift from the Sullivan Grandparents

Teagan had fun opening up his gift from the Sullivan grandparents. Here is a video of the partial unwrapping of the gift, then pictures of the following events.

Hold onto me Daddy!

Teagan looking at Grandma Connie.

James, Teagan, Grandma Connie, and Grandpa Jim.
Thanks for the fun toy!


  1. fun video. I like how hes starting to really talk. Jim and Connie look like happy grandparents too. Gramma Fran looks like T is a little too much for her, I like seeing his naked but too.

  2. The video and pix are very cute! It's so great that we can see photos while you're away. Little T is growing so fast, and I'm glad you caught him on video!

  3. What a happy, darling child! Lots of proud grandparents!
    Laurel and I saw Teagan stand and take two steps when they were with us over the holidays. How lucky was that!
    Laurel and James, you are wonderful parents.
    Love, Gr. Connie