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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Grandmas in California

My Grandma and James' Grandma both are down in the Bay Area. They are so excited to have us down here visiting. Teagan loves all the attention too!

Here is Shelagh, James biological mom, with her grandson Teagan getting lots of kisses!

Ohhh...a necklace!
He loves peoples necklaces!

Grandma Kathleen and Grandma Shelagh.

Great Grandma Kathleen with Teagan.

Teagan loved Grandma Kathleen's shirt, it had sparkly sequins.

Teagan sitting up like a big boy at my Grandma's house.

Having a good time!

Aahhh, sweet boy.


Woooo! Look at me!


We went up to Tacoma to visit family and friends.We also came up to help clean out Grammy Z's house (sad). Jim and Connie were up there and were able to see Teagan, and show him off! Connie's Aunt Billy was thrilled to hold a baby again. This last weekend is when we decided that Teagan's nose was getting worse. He had a small scratch on it that just was not healing. I brought him to the doctor Monday morning and it was determined that he has a Staph infection. Two antibiotics is clearing up and thank God it is not MRSA, the multi drug resistant bacteria.

Billy giving Teagan loves.

Billy and Teagan

Grandma Connie, Teagan, and James at breakfast.

Teagan loves Grandma Connie's necklace.
(See Teagan's nose?)

This is Teagan's nose at its worst. Initially it was just a small cut on the tip of his nose, and then it just spread around his nostril and up inside his nose.
But it is practically cleared up now!


I decided to put Teagan in his laundry basket while I was sorting the other clothes. The other week I had put him in the middle of a bunch of towels and sheets, of which he tipped over and bonked his little head on the spot that only had a thin pillow case(of course). So I thought this should do just fine. As you can see he loved it!

Happy Baby!

Something was pretty funny!

(Please excuse the dirty clothes)

Well he ended up tipping over anyway, but had a nice soft landing on his blankets.

4th of July

Our first 4th of July Parade, with Teagan! We went to town town Warrenton, that is just right outside Astoria, and met up with a group of friends. It ended up being a long parade, about an hour and a half, and Teagan did really well. It was a nice day, not too hot.

Teagan and I, dressed in our patriotic colors.

Ohhh, what's this....

Our nicely posed family photo....

James with Teagan, he ended up holding him most of the parade.

This was the Coast Guard water truck that sprayed us as it went by.

The Coast Guard helicopter started off the parade by flying over, very low!

Clowns! Actually, this is my friend Andy!

Who doesn't love a Harley ridding clown!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

James' 1st Father's Day

So many pictures, so little time to keep up. I am getting around to Father's Day finally, and here is a few of James and Teagan. Happy Father's Day Babe, to a great and loving father to his baby boy Teagan! We love you very much!

Big blue eyes!

Teagan's shirt has a picture of a lion on it and it says,"Daddy's Mane Man"
(Get it? Lion, mane...haha)

Teagan is infatuated with the strings on James sweatshirt.

"Well, if Daddy has it in his mouth,I guess I'll try it out in mine."

"Here I go....."

Teagan is pretty good at holding himself upright for a little bit, then will topple over. His new thing is to stick his fingers in his mouth...teething perhaps.

A boy and his Dad!