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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Loma Serena Stables

Teagan and I took some time on New Years Eve to have lunch with James, and to visit the horse stables that are down the hill from Grandma Kathleen's house. This was Teagan's first time seeing horses and he was able to pet them. He was very observant, taking it all in. He did great up until the last horse, a white one, at that point he basically freaked out! I don't know why, but he practically climbed up James' shoulder!!!!

James and Teagan down at the stables.

Teagan checking out the first horse.

He was feeling confident enough to reach out to touch him.

Here is the next horse we saw.

James gave him a scratch on the cheek.

Mini horses!
There were two.

Just Teagan's size!

A boy and his dad at the horse stables.
The End!

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  1. I love it that Teagan responds so well to animals - live or stuffed toys. It was so cute that he kissed the nose of the big grizzly bear as soon as he saw it! I love him here with the horses!