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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Male Bonding

Yummy, Bananas!



Big cranes!
This crane is on a barge on the Columbia River down at the Port Docks in Astoria. It was transferring material onto another barge, this crane was moving anchors. We watched the men work and organize this for about an hour. I'd imagine it is very dangerous, not to mention doing it is the rain and wet surfaces.

Another barge and boat helping out. James thought the equipment was for dredging the rivers.


  1. thanx 4 t pix you guys. I guess u remember how often and how much fun it was to take u 2 t port docks when u were lil' T. is getting so much like a lil man!

  2. So, did T like the cranes as much as his dad did? I've never seen them move anchors. I hope to see it someday. Nice post. He is sure growing. I've only had this cold for a week (so I've stayed away), and he's grown already!