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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Boy in a Box

So it is not a boy in just one box, but many....

We got this great big box from, and who can resist it!

This is great website that offers free shipping for orders over $49, and if you are first time shopper they give you $10 off your first order, enter in my email or code to refer a friend and then you build credit every time someone puts your email or code in. Our code is: LAUR4056.

We have three bins lined up with toys and book in them and Teagan loves to get in them

Teagan loves this Soft Play Panda that Grandma Tapir got for him. She sells them at her online gift shop.

Teagan has had this toy since he was a year old and has been a completely appropriate toy for him. We have been teaching him about the colors black and white, and showing him the Panda's legs, ears, eyes, and nose.

Great gift for teething babies, since it is a soft safe plastic toy!

Standing up and having a great time inside this huge box!

Teagan has started to drag the boxes/bins to the middle of the living room floor and then getting inside them.

Yet another box, this one is the book box.

Oh look at him, standing up.....

Boxes come in all different sizes, this happens to be a box that his plastic shapes go into, but not today.
One foot in...

...booth feet in. Looks like he is squatting down to do, you know what!

Just big enough to fit one butt cheek on.


  1. It's so much fun watching him play. Like so many kids, he seems to like the non-toys as well as the toys. Are you sure he's not giving the panda mouth-to-snout resuscitation. He could be taking after Mom in the medical field and after Grandma Tapir with the wild animals.

  2. I like the pix of him standing in the box with the big smile. His hair looks almost red. Ill see him next Friday, I hope.

    love dad

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