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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crab Fest

Every year we go the annual Crab and Seafood Festival, which is more like the crab and wine/beer festival. They have many vendors from all over the northwest there giving out samples hoping you buy there products. Each year it is a like a reunion, you run into many people you haven't seen since the year before, there.
This year we invited our new friends who are new to the area, Ian and Katie. Katie and I met at school and are both trying to get into the nursing program. We have become good friends and I wanted to show them a good time.
We also had another new guest with us this year, my cousin Austin! Austin just joined the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and has been stationed down in Garibaldi, 'bout 50 miles south of Astoria. We are thrilled and proud of him and are excited to have him so close to us!
We all went and had a great time, not to mention James and I were baby free for the evening and enjoyed ourselves. We haven't been able to go out alone in quite some time so it was very nice for us!

Austin and I on the bus on the way out to the festival!

Ian and Katie, with my husband in the background making a funny face.

James and I in the back of the bus!

James, me, and Austin.
Geee who is short and who is tall?

James and I out at the festival.

Katie and I having our wine, while the boys had their beer.

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