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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Choo Choo

First off, Happy 19 Months to Teagan!
Today was another busy day for us. This morning Connie and Jim's long time friend of 40 plus years, Carolyn, came by to visit and see Teagan. She was so nice and brought a little gift to Teagan.
After Carolyn left, Connie and I took Teagan to Vasona Park, here in Los Gatos. This is the same park that James used to go to as a little boy. This is a wonderful park that has not only swings and sides but a carousal and a train to ride on. We did it all!

Carolyn and Teagan stacking the blocks.

Teagan's turn to stack the blocks.

Connie, Teagan, and Carolyn.

Here is Teagan getting his first look at the train, while Connie was getting us tickets for the carousal and train.

Grandma Connie and Teagan.

Some pictures inside the carousal hall.

A look at the carousel.

Teagan sat (stood) with me.

He wasn't too sure.

Grandma Connie having a great time on the horse in front of us!

Teagan is watching Grandma Connie.

Off to the train next

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad
The conductor backing up to get hitched to the train cars.

We are on the train!

Grandma Connie on the train having fun!

Teagan was clinging to Grandma when he was unsure.

He was feeling better.

I think this is a cute photo of Teagan and his Grandma Connie.

In between the two train cars.

A nice lady in the train car in front of us took our picture.
Next, the swings
Grandma Connie giving Teagan a push.

After a nap
Teagan sees that James is home from work.
Do you see his truck?

I just love this picture.


  1. What a nice series. I haven't looked at the blog for a couple of days. Really fun.

  2. sure looks like a fun day. one to remember.

  3. good picture and what a lovely boy

    thank you for posting picture have fun

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