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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Friday, July 2, 2010

Horsing Around

We started off the morning over at James' grandma Kathleen's house. We took Teagan down to see the horses at the stables below Grandma Kathleen's house. We brought down carrots to feed to the horses, but Teagan ended up having a little nibble of one too.Then he and I had a little lunch before going to meet Angie and Havanna at the park.

Heading down to the stables.

Teagan was a little unsure and clung to us.

Hey look at that big horse.

There is one in the back.

Look, two mini horses!

Do you see his tongue?

See they are more your size.


Grandma Kathleen sitting with Teagan while he shoves his mouth full of his lunch.

We watched while Grandma Kathleen through a toy for Kiely.

James took a break from working to join us.

Teagan pushed the button to turn on the water to the fountain.

Havanna, Angie, and Teagan.
Angie is 18 weeks pregnant and just found out today that they are having a BOY!
Kids in the water.

Kids in the sand.

Havanna taking a drink.

Teagan taking a drink.

The kids played on the teeter-totter.


  1. I guess T. isn't old enough to notice that Havanna got Starbucks while he got ???

  2. oh what summer fun for the children. Did he see his first horse?