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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big Day!

We did a lot today. This morning we met up with friends at their home, the McNulty's, who have two boys, Jackson age 3 1/2, and Kellan age 22 months. So Teagan had a good time playing until he got tired. Then we went home for Teagan's nap then off to James' Grandma, Kathleen's house for fun in the pool. It was a big day for Kiely too, she got shaved! It has been so warm and with er long coat she got it cut, and seemed to be enjoying herself with the water.

Teagan and Jackson playing.

Jackson being silly.

Kellan and Teagan playing with the letters on the refrigerator.

The three boys, Jackson, Kellan, and Teagan.

Off to Grandma Kathleens:
First time in the pool this year.

I've gotcha.

Woooo, kick your feet!

Floating on his belly.

Kick, kick, kick!

Not too sure.

After getting out of the pool:

Nice hat huh.

Hey those are Mommy's sunglasses.

What a good helper.

Ah the hose.

Here Daddy, have some on your hands.

Kiely's new do!

Grandma Kathleen and Kiely.

Back to the hose.

How about water on your feet.

Water in Teagan's eyes.

James was blowing bubbles into the water.

Kiely with her O.C.D. trying to get the water as it is coming out of the sprinkler, while cracking Teagan up.

Oh get it Ki!

That's all folks!


  1. Another fun post. Thank you! It's like being there, but without the heat!

  2. love the naked butt picture and all the summer fun