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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crab & Seafood Festival

Every year in Astoria they have their annual Crab and Seafood festival, which is more like an arts and wine festival. Last year James was in California and couldn't join me, but this year we went and had an extra guest, Teagan! I am not a big drinker and haven't had a drink since last year, so I told James that I wanted to be able to have some wine. So he packed Teagan in the front pack and he received lots of attention from lots of people! Teagan was dressed appropriately in his crab shirt, thanks to Auntie Jamie! My friend Jen came down for the weekend and we all went out there and met up with lots of our friends! We ended up having a fun time, and even waited in the huge long line for crab bread! Yum! Well worth it!

James holding Teagan in the pack on the bus on the way out to the festival.

Me and Teagan with my wine glass from the festival and Teagan in his crab shirt!

Laurel, James, Teagan, and Cody, James' business partner.
Cody and James in their Ft. George hats in front of the Ft. George booth.

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