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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kirk and Heidi

My best friend Kirk, and his girlfriend Heidi, came down for Crab Festival weekend. They always make an appearance to great events, and they always make sure to try and meet up with us. They were surprised to see how much Teagan as grown since the last time the visited us. Heidi said last time she was afraid she was going to break him, he was so little. Last time they came was in late December for Christmas, so he has grown quite a bit since then! It was great to see them!

Kirk trying out one of James' beers while checking out Teagan. Both Kirk and James are home brewers and enjoy sampling.

Heidi and Teagan.

Teagan, Heidi and Kirk.

Teagan loves to hold onto his burp rags.

Teagan looks pretty comfortable in Kirk's arms, just hanging out. He has discovered his fist too to gnaw on.

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  1. Very cute pictures, although I'm not sure what I'm doing in that last one!