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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teagan's 6 Month Photos

On Memorial Day we we in Portland to go to Babies R Us to get Teagan's 6 month photos taken. I can't believe he is soon to be 6 months old (on the 2nd of June)! Ya know you(me, really) try to make it all perfect, pick out the outfits for the family,(such a chore to get us all in outfits, now if you know James, you know he is always in shorts! Even in the snow! The day before I told him that we are wearing jeans to be matchy matchy, fine, more to come wait for it...) make sure Teagan has had a bath,(not like you can tell by a picture, but hey, it makes me feel better knowing that he is clean...temporarily, make sure he has been fed and then goes down for a nap before his appointment at noon. So he got a bath the night before, feed him in the morning, but then would not go down for a nap....perfect. It was 11:30 and we have to be there at 11:45 to check in, and he is hungry, so I give him a quick go at the boob then we are we are all in the car I happen to look over at James, no jeans...shorts! I said to him,"What are you doing in your shorts? You are supposed to be in your jeans!!!!" What does he respond..."I've been wearing these all morning, you never said anything!" Oh my god!Like I was paying attention to what you are wearing, I was trying to get myself ready and get the baby ready! Oh well, I was the only one in the jeans, while the boys where in Khakis, and I even had brought Khakis with me...anyhow I think that the pictures turned out really nice. Teagan was getting tired towards the end where he is in his little white onesie, but they are still cute.

Family photo #1

Family photo #2

Cute picture of James with Teagan.

Teagan and me, boy he doesn't look like me, he looks like his daddy!

Little cutie

What a ham!

Here he started getting tired...

Still cute, but out of smiles....


  1. These are so darn cute! Funny story though.

  2. Great pictures!! Love, Aunt Judy