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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Jumper

My mom thought that since Teagan is into standing so much, that she would get him a jumper. This way he can get his exercise and I guess as babies we liked it, so she came down this weekend and brought it with her! She said this was in birthday present(5 months!) My mom and I read the directions and put it up then put Teagan in it to see how he liked it.

His little feet hit the floor and his head sticks out the top.

Hum, getting used to it.

Wooo, a little off balance.

Hey, what is that up there?

Grandma checking out Teagan in his new jumper.


  1. That was a gift I'm sure you're all enjoying. It looks like fun. I can't wait to see him bouncing - it was a great idea, Grandma!

  2. That handsome boy has got great genetics. I will see you and T. next Monday, love dad