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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

California Fun

We have enjoying ourselves quite nicely down here. The weather takes some getting used to for us Northwesters, but other than that we are having fun. I got a few shots of James with his dad, Jim and Teagan. Because of the warm weather and Teagan's new fond enjoyment of water, we bought him a new water play pad. James snapped some pictures of Teagan playing on it while I was at the pool with James' parents relaxing!

James and Teagan having h'orderves.

Jim, James and Teagan.

Teagan in the truck on our way to the store.

I tried to spike his hair.

He is such a ham!

Later that day:
Ya know, why not.

Let's see if two will fit.

It's a statement, don't you think.

It doesn't stop him from playing.

Having fun in the water!

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