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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aches & Pains

Tomorrow, Oct. 9th, I will have entered into the 3rd trimester! Along with this, I guess, I have been experiencing aches and pains. Not a lot but they are there at times. During the night I have to be aware of my calf's, and to pay close attention other wise I end up with a "Charlie Horse", this is very common during pregnancy, I've read. I have been a very good girl and dedicated, I must say, I have been walking at 8am, before school, with my girlfriend, Kelli, every week day and even some Saturday's. We walk down along the Columbia River, on the River Walk. We walk about 1-2 miles. I take Kiely, our Australian Shepard, with me. So days are better then others with her. She is still young and has a lot of energy, and with that, it is hard to keep her from trying to chase after every bicycle, jogger, and other dogs. Some times I wonder who is taking who for a walk. Now, with that being said I am not sure that this has anything to do with the fact that I have been getting "Shin Splints" every morning! I even stretch before walking and eat a nice little breakfast. I did some research, and all it said was, shin splints can be due to excess weight gain, well ok, I am pregnant, and carrying it all in the belly! So I might be off kilter a bit! So I have pains and I deal with them, and eventually they go away.

This is Kiely, our Australian Shepard. She loves going to the park to chase the ball, going on walks, and going to the beach to run free.

(gee, I sound like a relationship website, "I like taking long strolls in the park and taking long walks on the beach....")


  1. Oh man.. I know the exact feeling in the calves. I got a cramp last night that would only go away when I got out of bed and stood on my leg. Haven't had any shin splints yet though. Your puppy is so pretty! Congrats on the 3rd tri! We're almost there :)