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Thursday, October 30, 2008

30 Weeks!

Here, I am actually 28wks, but close enough to today.

So today I am officially 30wks! Which means 10 more weeks to go, give or take a few. For those who aren't familiar, a full term pregnancy is classified as 40wks. Now a days they say any where from 37-42wks is full term. My thoughts on this whole thing is that it has flown by, one day I can't believe I am pregnant, to seeing the ultrasound pictures, to finding out "it" is really a "him" to coming up with a name, Teagan Alan. So far so good with the pregnancy. Within the last week and a half I have had some swelling in my right ankle, but I am happy to say that this whole week while walking I have not had shin splints, so that is a plus! Of course I am still nervous, anxious, excited, scared and happy all at the same time, hopefully that is normal. I just can't believe that before you know it I, Laurel, will be having a baby! Crazy!

James and I went last night to our first birthing class, first of six. They are two hours long and so far it was enjoyable. We are they only ones in the class that is having a boy! It is strange to see others who are about as far along as I am or more, and how different they look. Woman who are having girls definitely look different then those who are having boys. I am much more out there, like a basketball, then those having girls carry much more out on there sides and hips. I, however, still have a waist! The class was informational, and we went over some pregnancy vocabulary, like "vagina" which I thought was hilarious, because I would hope that everyone in the class knows what a "vagina" is! haha. Anyway, we had to reach into a bag and pull out an item. We weren't allowed to see into the bag before we took an item so it was a surprise. Then we discussed what each item was an what its purpose was in relation to pregnancy and labor. I pulled out a pedometer, I said it was good to be healthy and exercise during pregnancy, which was mainly right, but the teacher/nurse also added in that the more fit you are they better you will do during labor. (Yeah for me, walking everyday!) James pulled out a scooper for a cat's litter box, and he knew right away, since we have a cat, Meow (yes, that is her name),what is was, and said, "Oh I know what this is, and I already do it!" He knew that pregnant women aren't supposed to clean the cat's litter box ,for their urine can carry Toxoplasmosis, which can be fatal for the baby if it gets into moms bloodstream, it is a virus. Then we watch a video on car seats, interesting and we picked up a few pointers. We are going to have to practice installing it before hand, since we already have our infant car seat, Thanks to Aunt Jackie, and we have our toddler car seat, Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma to-be Sullivan!

Thanks to all our friends and family for your support during this time, we really appreciate it! James and I are looking forward to seeing and meeting Teagan, as all of you are too!

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  1. It's all so exciting! So funny about your birthing class and learning all the pregnancy vocab. haha You are right.. Teagan will be here so soon!!