Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was October, 10th, I turned 27! I had school most of the day with a math exam at 10am-10:50 and then a ten minute break, and then at 11am I had an Anatomy & Physiology exam. I was oh so excited for them!
Later on that evening however, I did go to dinner with my Dad, and his girlfriend, Sheryl. We went to the Silver Salmon, and I had a very nice dinner, I ate it all!
James was in Tacoma working, but we spoke on the phone several times, and he sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone, it was very cute!
I am 27wks along now and am able to feel Teagan move a lot. He seems to be quite active at 10am during Math class. He pokes me and I poke him back, and tell him to "settle down in there that I am trying to pay attention" and that he is distracting friend Kelli, and classmate, can sometimes even see him move under my shirt., he is getting strong! James says,"well at leased the kid will be smart!"


  1. Hi Laurel, my name is Jenny and I'm Amy's sister. I read you blog sometimes, and I just wanted to say congrat's on your 3rd trimester - I enjoy reading about your pregnancy. Also, my birthday is also October 10th, but I turned 28!

  2. Happy Birthday Laurel!!! Love,
    Aunt Judy &
    Uncle Gary
    PS You look great!