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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Glucose Test

So it is "that time" for me to take the Glucose screening test. Last Thursday, I was 28wks, I had a doctors appt. and had the Glucose Test. So I heard it wasn't that bad for people, well, I guess that is their opinion. I thought it was ok at first, but after the first few swallows it started to not taste so good. I had to drink this "drink", and finish it within 5 minutes. Then I was not allowed to: eat, smoke, or exercise, which I thought was hilarious! I told the guy, "well I guess I'll have to put off my weight lifting 'till tomorrow, and yeah I guess I can wait an hour to have a cigarette!" Seriously, those where the rules. So James and I sat and hung out for an hour, then they took my blood and I haven't heard anything since! Typical hospital, well I figure, now news is good news.
At my appt, however, I had a new nurse. Well let me rephrase that, a new nurse to me, She was not new, she was old, and rude! I stepped on the scale, always a delight, and she weighed me. I am not an idiot, I know how much I weighed the time before, and i am taking math in school so I know how to add, anyway....she proceeds to sigh, and look at my chart and fiddle with the weight on the scale sighs some more, and asks,"Have you weighed yourself since your last appt?" I said, "no, usually scales aren't so friendly." She then tells me, "well you've gained quite a bit of weight! I said I could see that. Get ready for this....11lbs! I nearly fell over! I said I don't understand, 'casue I have been walking everyday, almost 2miles with my shin splints and my dog pulling me down the path 5-6 times a week! She then tells me, "well you just need to watch your portion size dear!" OK laddie, don't "dear" me! Needless to say, James shows up 5minutes later and I burst into tears, and told him what happen, in my fragile pregnant state.
All I have to say for myself is that I still have a waist, and I have been eating healthy. So there! The doctor, however, was polite and apologized for his nurse, and checked me out. Teagan is doing great. We heard his heart beat, and the doctor had forgotten if we were having a boy or girl, but when he listened to his heart beat, he looked at James and asked,"boy?" He said yes, and then the doctor said that the heart beat went along with what the old wives tale is, and that is the boys have a slower heart rate then girls. Then he looked back at James and said," not that we are slower, 'cause we aren't!" It was funny and it lightened the mood. He said that next time if we want we can have another ultrasound, which they usually don't do anymore after 20wks, so we are looking forward to having another peak in.
Here are some pictures from my glucose test:

"Lime flavored"
What is in this really? It tastes like.....


  1. Sorry about the rude nurse. It's so hard to see that scale go up when you're pg, but it's for a good cause and you LOOK GREAT! Plus, I've heard it comes off very quickly :) Loved the pics from your glucose test. lol.

  2. Don't be upset with the old nurse, they are not known for their bed-side manners. I would of been in tears on the scales. Did she wt. you after you drank all that bottle of goop? I'm sure that would of thrown you wt. off alittle too. Did you have something high in salt to eat the night before? A lot of things can cause that scale to think you have gained a lot of weight and you have not gained that much! Just keep doing your exercise and eating healthy like you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love, Aunt Judy (remember I a WW leader and I weigh a lot of people)