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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Room!

Ok, so first to go was the carpet! 1970's called they wanted there yellow carpet back, no joke! James ripped out the old carpet to make way for our new carpet. That was really our first purchase for "the baby."
The Room! So my office, now, is going to be Teagan's room. I am moving downstairs into James' office with him, it will now be,"our office!" Yes, you see me painting, don't freak out, it was well ventilated, windows open, and I took a lot of breaks! My girlfriend Jennifer came down from Vancover, Wa, to help with the paint job, and to keep us motivated! She is great at painting and knows all the right things to do. She was such a huge help to us. Thank you so much Jen!
So we have a nice powder/sky blue on the top and a green on the bottom. We have a chair-rail that goes all the way around the room that is cream, including base board.
James making sure the chair rail is even, nicely done babe!
The room turned out so nice we are very happy with it.

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