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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Amy, Jared, and Kloden Came to Visit!

Hooray, The Kuntz family came out to the Northwest! Amy, Jared, and Kloden who is ten days "younger" then Teagan. Not really, though since Teagan came 6 weeks early! You'll see how much bigger Kloden is then Teagan. Amy and I have been emailing back and forth during our pregnancy, and becoming closer friends. It is nice to have someone go through what you are experiencing at the same time.
It was nice to see them, since they live in Missouri, Amy has family in Oregon, and Jared has some family up in Tacoma,WA. We were also able to meet Amy sister, Jenny. We all went out to dinner to the Olive Garden, where we knew we wouldn't get weird looks from people, since it is a family friendly restaurant. We had a fun time with them and are hoping next time we can go and visit them in Missouri.

Amy with Teagan and Jenny with Kloden.

Jared, Amy and Teagan.

Me and Kloden, yummy fingers!

Kloden in his car seat, ooohhh look at that!

Jared and Teagan.
Jared was surprised how light Teagan was compaired to Kloden.

Amy and Teagan looking at a book.

I think this is beautiful shot of Amy with Teagan. Two beautiful people!

Hey, who are you?

This is the 6 of us! It was super windy out, and about to pour, so we got one quick shot of us.

James, Teagan, me and Kloden.

"Hi, I'm Teagan." "Hi, I'm Kloden, we're cousins!"

"Can I touch you?" I'm not sure..."

Kloden and me hanging out.

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  1. hehe So cute! Wish we lived closer :)