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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, April 13, 2009

Teagan at Coffee Girl with Grandma Tapir

Teagan and I went out last week and meet Sheryl at Coffee Girl on Thursday. We had a nice time just the 3 of us. Sheryl and I had our breakfast and drinks, Teagan had a snack, pooped, had a blowout and had to be changed(always lovely!) Then we went to Sheryl's place and worked on the computer.
Included are some other photos of Teagan.

Teagan in his fresh new outfit after the "blowout" incident.

Teagan really focused on me.

Teagan talking.

Ohhh, what's this...

Relaxed in my arms at Coffee Girl.

Happy Baby!

With me at Coffee Girl.

Teagan flirting with Kathrine, the barista, at Coffee Girl.

Holding onto Grandma Tapir's finger.

Grandma Tapir and Teagan.

Remember "T" is for Tapir!
Looking for a tax break, make a donation to the Tapir Preservation Fund.
You can purchase this sweatshirt and make a donation on Sheryl's Gift Shop Website.

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